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Barcelona - Travel Guide

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If there ever was a place constantly voted as one of the top places to visit and live in, it would be Barcelona. The city is an unreal mixture of all things great – beach, sun, sangria, fiestas, and incredible attractions. The city is in a constant celebration of life, a Mediterranean city that juxtaposes all aspects of European cities into one.


In Barcelona, you’ll find the perfect mixture of history, art, culture and fun. You can spend your days in gothic quarters, your afternoons by the beach, your nights by museums and your late nights partying your worries away. The blend of Spanish and Catalan culture is unique to say the least and the city looks like it’s almost always bathed in sunlight.


There is an incomparable energy, a cosmopolitan charm and one great gastronomic experience after the other. With the spirit of Gaudi looming in the air, and the intoxicating charm of the city ready to make you obsessed with Barcelona, this city will stay with you forever. And as you stay up in bed after your travels, thoughts of this incredible place will keep coming back to you….


The Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is one of the most beautiful churches in the world. It is quite simply, awe-inspiring and nothing prepares you for that moment you stand in front of the towering basilica. This jewel of Barcelona is not only breath-taking from the outside, but is quite shocking in how beautiful it is from the inside.


Its façade is filled with eerie and wonderful sculptures and t stands tall, almost intimidatingly as well, yet welcoming to the hoards of tourists that pass by everyday. This feast for the eyes has incredible glass stained windows from the inside that create a psychedelic mood with the shades of green, red and blue playing along the murals inside….It’s like being in a dream.


Parc Guell

Parc Guell is a world heritage site that is the perfect reflection of Gaudi’s creative genius! This is where Gaudi literally ran free and wild with his creativity, showing off almost cartoon-like edifices. Take pictures with the background panorama of Barcelona behind you, hang out at the personal placa, or walk under the 88 columns in the Doric Temple.


La Boqueria

One of the most famous markets in Europe is located in Barcelona and is surprisingly a major tourist attraction there as well. It’s colourful, noisy and teeming with life! This place is the definition of a sensory overload with all types of food available and a great atmosphere to match the offerings available.


Las Ramblas

The pulsing heart of Barcelona, the beating center of the city – this is where all the action happens. No matter the time of year you visit Barcelona in, this place is usually packed to the brim with people from all over the world. There is a plethora of cafes to enjoy, hundreds of shops and plenty of things to do and see. It evens ends with the beautiful port!


Casa Battlo

This is one of the most unique buildings you will probably ever encounter in your entire life, and being there is bound to put you in a psychedelic sort of trance. The exterior was inspired by marine life and the colourful façade boasts wonderful mosaics, and colors along with eccentric sculptures. Enjoy the sandstone balconies, and relish the architectural freedom that was again, enjoyed by Gaudi!


Where to Stay

W Barcelona – Five stars

You simply cannot visit Barcelono without staying at the W. If your budget allows it, then don’t even think twice about going there! An incredible hotel, this building has become almost a monument to the skyline of Barcelona. It’s chic, modern, and the rooms have gorgeously beautiful windows, and great prices.


Hotel 1898 – four stars

Hotel 1898 brings back memories of the 19th century in Spain and is one of the best four star hotels in all of Barcelona. You’ll find it nestled in La Rambla, and you will love the fancy, yet simple atmosphere of the hotel. There’s even a rooftop terrace and a lap pool to keep you entertained!


Hotel Acta Mimic – three stars.

This hotel is one of the most innovative in Barcelona, with weird, quirky designs, a courtyard garden you can sit at, beautiful sitting areas and much more. You’ll be getting wonderful views of Barcelona, and Tibidabo, all while hanging out in light-filled rooms.


Where to Eat

Can Sole

A great restaurant that serves some of the best paella in Barcelona, you will love the quintessential Spanish vibe it gives off. A quiet dining room and an open kitchen all make this a great place to be in.


Set Portes

You simply have to visit Set Portes, with vast dining rooms, excellent food, old renowned recipes and live music.


Can Culleretes

This is the second oldest restaurant in Barcelona and has three different dining rooms. From stew to seafood, this place is surprisingly not a tourist trap! 

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