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Korcula Marco Polo’s home town

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We all know the story of Marco Polo, a great merchant, traveler, and writer. His travels and over 17 years of life in China are an inspiration for many young people. But did you know Marco Polo was born in Croatia and most likely on the small island of Korcula? Visit  the House of Marco Polo in the city of Korcula, and learn about his life.

47 km long island of Korcula has a unique fishbone layout of the street and old town. The layout of Korcula streets is all but not an accidental construction project. Western streets are laid out straight to open the city to the west to get the refreshing wind in the summertime. Eastern streets are slightly curved an closed to protect the citizens from a cold winter wind called bura. Bura is a notorious wind in the Dalmatia, and you will recognize it by it’s strong and cold air of 150 km/h coming from the mountains on the north. Island of Korcula and city of Korcula is rich with Reinesnace and Gothic architecture in all aspects of life and construction. The city has a recognizable Town gates and towers to protect the city from enemies. Town has ten smaller and large gates. Most popular are Tower of see gate, Lombardo tower, Bokar or Barbarigo tower and Beri tower.


Island of traditions


The city of Korcula has a long tradition of dancing and singing, and locals use every occasion to showcase their skills and culture to the tourists. Wine is a product the island is most proud of. The area from Korcula to Lumbarda is rich with vineyards, and people are proud of the Posip wine. Posip Walk in Smokvica village and wineries Bire and Popic-Cebalo are some of the places where you can get more information and taste the authentic variety of grapes and vine.


People in Korcula are working hard to keep the tradition alive. It is not all about folklore and dance. Visiting Korcula is a unique opportunity to learn how to make a traditional type of pasta, which can be found only on the Korcula. Pasta is called Zrnovski Makaruli. Small pasta dough is shaped around the skewer, dried and later added to the rich meat sauce. Konoba Belin has a pasta making classes for all those willing to learn a new skill. If cooking is not something you’d like to try, Konoba Marinero serves another traditional dish called Brudet. Fish stew, brudet is made with white or blue fish cooked in tomato sauce, white wine, and of course a lot of garlic. Brudet is usually served with polenta, and it is a fulfilling lunch dish.


Korcula is an island of beautiful beaches. North side of the island is more pebble beach, while the south side of the island is rich with sandy beaches. Popular beaches are in Vela Luka and Lumbard (Vela Przina Beach). Windsurfers visit the beach in Prizba village. Maestal wind brings the refreshment from summer heat and strong wind to surfers. Campsite Ravno is ideally located in the village of Prizba just a few minutes walk from the beach.


A lot of adventure sports and activities is available on the island. One of the must-try activities on the island, highly recommended is Doney safari. Safari excursion starts in Zrnovo village, riding the donkeys to the olive gardens and Pavia Luka. Day trip ends with grilled fish lunch and snorkeling.


Korcula is a place to indulge all the wine and brudet while enjoying the summer breeze.

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