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Toruń - "Gothic at touch". A city of monuments and gingerbreads.

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Toruń is one of the most beautiful cities in the northern part of Poland. The medieval city that has been on the UNESCO World List for over 30 years is full of not only monuments and tasty gingerbread, but also full of student life. And Nicolaus Copernicus once walked around its charming streets.

Located on both sides of the Vistula River, in the eastern part of the Toruńska Basin, it is located at the junction of three historical regions:
 Chełmno land (from the north)
 Kujawy (from the south)
 Dobrzyń region (from the east)

The Old Town of Toruń is one of the most valuable historical complexes in Poland. It includes the Old and New Town with almost no changes to the 13th-century urban layout and the area of ​​the Teutonic castle.

In order to see the entire Old Town at its best, it is worth entering the Town Hall Tower, although it may be a bit tiring, especially on a hot summer day. But the view will certainly reward us for this effort! Later, you can rest in one of the many cafes in the city center for the rest of the day. Or go for a walk on the Philadelphia Boulevard, sit on the stairs and look at the slowly flowing Vistula River.

  Town Hall and the Nicolaus Copernicus Monument

And finally, let me quote what Frederik Chopin wrote about Toruń in a letter to a friend:"but I will write to you that the greatest impression were gingerbreads." I saw the entire fortification in all parts of the city, with all the details, (...) besides the Gothic churches, from founded by the Teutonic Knights, with one built in 1231. I saw a tower sloping like in Pisa, famous town hall, both outside and inside, whose greatest peculiarity is that it has windows as many days a year, as many rooms as many months, as many rooms as weeks, and towers as many seasons and that the whole building is as great as possible, in the taste of the gothic, but it is not as good as gingerbreads, oh, gingerbreads, one of which I sent to Warsaw. "

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