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Your Guide to Rome

The ancient capital of the world, the glorious caput mundi, the land of pizzas, vespas and ancient monuments – Rome is one of the world’s most visited destinations. You will be spoiled for choice with the things that you can do in this incredible city and you will be overwhelmed with the intense sensory overload that looms over the entire city. From the buzzing vespas that wind their way down Italian alleys, the smell of pizza, the taste of a cup of coffee by a cathedral to the breath-taking, simply jaw-dropping monuments. Spend your days alternating between historical museums, get cultured at monuments and enjoy the heavenly gastronomic experience offered by Rome.


Every street in Rome looks like you’re part of a museum and I don’t blame you if you never want to leave in your life. The treasures you will discover, the history you’ll immerse yourself in….The whole trip will be a highly rewarding experience unlike any other you’ve had.



The Colosseum is simply the most important attraction in all of Europe. The actual definition of majesty, the epitome of grandeur. If you’ve ever wanted an accurate personification of ancient life, then the Colosseum is your best bet. Of course, you could visit the Pyramids in Egypt, but why travel so far away when you have the Colosseum right there in front of you? An incredibly breath-taking showcase of architecture and a monument so enormous it’s going ot take your breath away – the Colosseum is simply lavish. It’s where the most important aspects of Roman life took place and it’s really worth exploring.


Fontana di Trevi

If you’ve ever read about Rome, watched a movie about Rome or even heard about it, chances are you’ve come across the Fontana di Trevi. Magical white marble created a fantasy-like atmosphere with azure waters that hold promises of happy endings. The Baroque art juxtaposed with the sculptures of the Gods, and the horses create a beautiful atmosphere as well and make way for great picture opportunities!

Vatican City

The smallest country in the world is located only a few minutes away from the bustling city of Rome. It’s an essential experience to have while in Rome (or in Italy in general) and the experience will be nothing short of soul-stirring and incredible. Think holiday buildings, churches that are lavishly decorated, the Vatican museum with Egyptian mummies and art from the Renaissance period, the Sistine chapel and much more!


St Peter’s Basilica

This is the star attraction of the Vatican, the largest church in the entire world. No words can describe the ultimate lavishness of the decorated interiors with the huge glass-stained windows, the Baroque arts, the large edifices, and the frescoes. You’ll find golden angels, and paintings and you can even climb up the dome for gorgeous panoramas of Rome when you’re done.


The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum feels like falling into a history book. Once the greatest sight in all of Europe and the heart of Rome in the past, this place is where you go to really get educated about the rich history and culture of Rome. There are so many things you can see, and you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to picture possibilities.


Where to Stay

Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts – 5 stars

If you ever want to feel like a royal living a majestic life full of splendor, this is where you go. The hotel is nestled on the Monte Mario and boasts not only wonderfully elegant rooms, but also great views, swimming pools, a fitness club, and artwork everywhere that you can enjoy. The whole style of the hotel is reminiscent of the 1960s and all edifices are ornately decorated with top-notch services to add to the magnificence of the hotel.



Boutique Hotel Campo de Fiori – 4 stars

This boutique hotel enjoys some of the most magnificent views in all of Rome. You’ll be constantly surrounded with Rome’s skyline on its terrace, the bedrooms are canopied, and the walls are painted beautifully. It’s the ultimate “romantic” hotel that gives off highly quintessential Roman vibes.


Hotel Santa Maria – 3 stars.

This hotel looks like something straight out of an Eat, Pray, Love movie. A gorgeous courtyard, homey rooms, a fun atmosphere and much more await you in this little beautiful hotel.


Where to Eat

Flavio al Valavevodetto

In this restaurant, you’ll be able to actually dine in between ruins. This is considered one of the oldest restaurants you can eat at and the atmosphere is accentuated with handmade utensils. Don’t forget to try the classic pasta dishes!

Armando al Pantheon

How does dining next to the Pantheon sound? This restaurant has a great location and high quality food – from spaghetti to savory home-made meals. Make sure you book in advance because this place fills up quite fast!


Osteria Bonelli

This place stays true to its genuine Italian nature. Simple, elegant and delicious – you will love it there. You can try out the incredible steak with a glass of wine there.


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