Your Guide to Paris Administrator

Your Guide to Paris

Paris, an enchantingly beautiful city, is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Topping every bucket list year after year, the city is home to countless superlatives. The dim-lit cobblestone streets, the bohemian vibe that looms over the city, the jazzy feels of the back alley bars, and the enthralling experiences ahead. Paris is filled with a magical allure that draws you in. Hypnotizing you with its architecture, entertaining you with its bars, culturing you with its museums and much more.


Every street is picturesque on its own way, and the sensory overload you’re met with is unparalleled. Just sitting by a sidewalk café with your cup of coffee, your little book is bound to make you fall in love.  Here is your guide to the top attractions in Paris, where to stay and where to eat!


The Eiffel Tower

Who doesn’t know the Eiffel Tower? One of the most symbolic icons in the world cannot be missed on your visit to Paris. Seeing it in pictures is one thing and actually getting to experience the majesty and grandeur of that attraction is an entirely different experience. Soaring majestically with the Parisienne skyline, the Eiffel Tower remains one of the most important attractions in the world. Climb up the 704 steps, enjoy majestic 360 degrees vistas of the magical Paris, watch an educational video (the Cineiffel Theater), visit the gallery with panoramic tables, or even visit Gustave Eiffel’s office.


Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is quite easily another distinctive landmark in Paris. A triumphal arc that reflects the epitome of French elegance and national pride!



Every street in Paris is gorgeous in its own way, from the bustling commercial streets, the modern neighborhood of La Defense, the hilly alleys of Montmartre or the large sprawling plazas scattered around the city…They’re always differently gorgeous. With that being said, the most famous of them all is the Champs-Elysees. Elegant, vibrant and bustling – the Champs Elysees is often seen as the beating heart of the city of Paris. There is the juxtaposing luxurious shops with fast food restaurants, garden cafes, bookshops, and art exhibitions. The things you can do there are practically endless!


The Louvre

It would be hard to call Le Louvre just a museums. It feels like an entire city within Paris, a solely cultural masterpiece reflecting some of the best artwork in the world. It’s a monument, a historical attraction and most importantly, one of the most important places you can visit in the world. Explore all types of different art, from the Mona Lisa, to the largest display of Egyptian antiques outside of Egypt. You can check the Islamic art section or explore Greco-Roman collection. Simply, you have over 35,000 works of art for you to discover.


Notre Dame

Gothic cathedrals in general are a sight to behold. Perfectly blending grungy with beautiful – and Notre Dame is no exception. One of the most important monuments of Paris today has been around since the 13th century and was equally important back then as well. This gothic cathedral boasts an incredible exterior with three different entrance and even more overwhelmingly beautiful interior. Think stained glass windows that allow the soft rays of the sun to color the interior with different shades of color, rose windows and biblical scenes and images to stir your soul. Don’t forget to climb up to the bell towers where you’re met with staggering views of Paris’s most important highlights.


Extra: Take a Seine Boat Cruise

For the ultimate romantically Parisienne experience, embark on a boat tour around the Seine river. You’ll be majestically floating around the canals while surrounded by the European vibe of Paris, and watching its monuments from a different angle.


Where to Stay

Le Bristol – 5 stars

The Bristol hotel is so gorgeous, it was actually awarded the Palace status. Think incredibly high ceilings, furnishings that reflect the architecture and art of the 18th century and old-style décor to transport you back in time to glorious Paris. They even have a 1940’s lift so you can truly immerse yourself in that experience!


Hotel Opera Richenpase – 4 stars

A hotel this close to the Champs Elysees should be much more expensive, but Hotel Opera actually offers comparatively affordable accommodation that is nearby to some of the most important attractions in Paris. The design is sleek, the ceilings are vaulted and the hotel is very modern.


Hotel Helussi – 3 stars.

Walking distance from the Galeries Lafayette (get your shopping shoes ready!), this hotel is peaceful, quiet and quaint and is in great proximity to some of the best attractions in Paris.  The rooms are beautifully lit, greatly decorated and the entire design is quite modern.


Where to Eat

Cafe Les Deux Magots

This old traditional café is a quintessentially beautiful French one located in Saint-Germain des Pres. The backdrop of gorgeous buildings mixed with the atmosphere that was brought in by some of the most inspirational and influential writers and philosophers of all time is enough to make you want to stay there forever, the food and drink are great and you can find anything ranging from salty dishes to sandwiches to cheese.



Located right inside of the Bristol, this 3-Michelin star restaurant is incredibly posh. The beautiful dining room overlooks an entire courtyard. You will need to dress up for that restaurant as the décor and the general atmosphere is ultra posh!


Bateau le Calife

This charming wood boat tours the canals at night and you can have your dinner there! Honestly, what could get more magical than actually dining on some fine wood as you float beautifully between Paris’s rivers? This experience is itself highly magical. 

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