For private owners

Yearly fee

49 EUR
Pay according to your number of properties with no additional booking fees. A range of programs designed for private property owners.
For hotel owners

Yearly fee

199 EUR
No commission or added fees. Unlimited units and bookings, all managed through our dashboard.
Let us do all work

One time service fee

39 EUR
We will create a professional profile of the accommodation.

Publish your restaurant, bar etc...

Highest result from investment
One time fee

39 EUR
One time fee

Benefits for Hosts
Benefits for hosts
No "middleman" fees
Reach Guests looking for a property just like yours
Direct contact with Guests
Low fees that fit your needs
Fast customer support in 30 languages
Easy property registration
Advertising plans
How it works?
How does work?

How can I make my property more visible?

Does offer guarantees?

Do I have to accept every booking?

How can I add a new property?

How can I change a property's details?

Costs and guest payments
What does registration cost?

What are the other fees?

I don't accept credit cards, is that a problem?

What if a Guest cancels?

What if a Guest doesn't show?

More questions and general support
Help! I need technical support!

Can I list my property on more than one site?

We speak your language

Website and customer service

in 30 languages

Low rates

No booking fees. Save your

money and time!

Wish list

Manage your bookings

and favorites online